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At birth, the body is made up of about 78% water. As we grow older, the amount decreases to about 60%. Even after decreasing, it’s evident that water is a very major component when it comes to bodily functions. Furthermore, water forms 82% of the blood about 95% of the brain. With this gross occupation, it’s an undeniable fact that water is essential to daily life.

Hydration is the consumption of fluids into the body. The fluids can be direct water or through foods that contain a water content in them. The process is very crucial to our bodies as water has very many added advantages to our bodies. Chiropractors in Greenville, SC will tell you, too, that joint health depends on water.

Enough intake of water helps in the nourishing of the skin, leading to a healthy smooth skin. Another benefit is that water that has been fluorinated tends to have an added effect on teeth. This compound is useful in the growth of strong, healthy teeth and bones.

Water is also useful in the formation of synovial fluid that is found between joints. Enough intake of water ensures continuous supply of the fluid. Therefore, water is most useful in maintaining healthy joints.

Absorption of food nutrients in the ileum of the body is with the help of water. The water is also used in metabolizing the food. Sufficient consumption of water assists in the transfer of nutrients around the body. Your Chiropractor Greenville will have you know that weight loss is contingent upon proper hydration.

chiropractors in greenville, scWater is also useful in the removal of fatigue from body muscles. This is because water is used in the metabolic processing of energy conversions. In these reactions, it acts as a medium and its absence can lead to muscle cramps.

Water is also used as a weight losing tip. When you take water when hungry the body seems to burn more fat. This is due to dormancy of the kidneys and the activation of the liver, which basically runs by burning of fat.

Another reason to hydrate is that water is used for muscle building. Water is essential in the forming of glycogen and protein structures. These structures in turn are responsible for muscle growth.

Lastly, water is useful to prevent various types of diseases such as colon cancer, bladder cancer, kidney stones and urinary track. Hydration also helps in toning of muscles during exercise.

Despite the advantages, water can be deprived from the body in a process called dehydration. When this happens, the body suffers a lot of effects. These include; fatigue, fainting, dizziness, drowsiness, shock and seizures in serious conditions.

With the above information and proof, water is essential to the body. On a normal day you should make sure you drink about12 glasses of water. In case you are working out, it’s good to drink regularly without waiting for the thirst as that might lead to cramps.


Chiropractors in Greenville, SC